You are invited to a Business Empowerment Hour for new businesses

Cleland Hancox Ltd have a mantra with their staff of ‘empowering clients.’  Managing Director Leean Bedwell says “It is really important to us that we work as valued partners with our clients, we believe in the value of relationships.”  Our chartered accounting firm has been in business for over 30 years and we are proud of our reputation and the wide variety of business support we offer.  Discussion with our team about how to support business people further, lead to the idea of free public workshops for local business people.  A collaboration with like-minded professionals Jacqui Owen and Nathan Hickey got the idea off the ground.  The first ‘Business Empowerment Hour’ is being offered on November 28th, in a question and answer style session for new businesses.  It is likely to appeal to relatively new business owners - whether Builders, Plumbers, first time sharemilkers and contract milkers or retailers - all are welcome. 

As part of our ‘empowering clients’ focus, the team at Cleland Hancox are committed to providing close, personal attention to clients and take pride in giving accurate, holistic and professional advice, backed up by continual training, technical experience and professional development.  Our goal is to ensure clients are making the best possible decisions for business success.  This makes the selection of other leading professionals to work with, a critical process.  Leean says that “choosing leading professionals and building trusted relationships with them is a vital part of ensuring our clients are well looked after.  We are delighted to have Jacqui Owen from Jacqui Owen Legal and Nathan Hickey from Rest Assured Financial Advisors on board for these workshop sessions.  We share common values with them around client empowerment and strong relationships.”

The session on the 28th November is the first of a series of planned free workshops covering different topics, and stages of business.  People attending do not have to be clients of the firms involved – all are welcome.  Future topics are likely to include succession planning and getting the most out of Xero. 

You can register for the the Cleland Hancox Business Empowerment Hour by emailing info@clelandhancox.co.nz, for catering purposes and to lodge your questions.  The most requested topics will be covered in the session.  The workshop will be held at Cleland Hancox’s offices at 190 Thames Street, at 10.30am on Thursday 28th November.

Photo L - R: Jacqui Owen, Leean Bedwell, Nathan Hickey


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