Not for profit plans

Not for Profit Accounting

Service Plans

Add-On Services

Annual Advisor

From $150 per month

At balance date and in time for your annual audit/review we will:

  • Complete your annual financial statements using the appropriate reporting requirements
  • Complete Income Tax Return (if required)
  • Prepare the required workpaper file for your auditor/reviewer tosupport the balances within the financialstatements
  • Liaise with your auditors and reviewers throughout the process
  • Finalise budget preparation for your committee
  • Provide phone and email support
  • Provide regular newsletters

Monthly Advisor

From $280 per month

All "Annual Advisor" services plus the following monthly services:

  • Review the data entry into your accounting system
  • Obtain explanations for any variances or unusual items
  • Prepare GST returns
  • Compile a customised dashboard report on your chosen Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Prepare financial reports for management/ committee meetings
  • Meet or Skype with your Board/Management to go over Reports and KPIs (quarterly/6-monthly/annually as you prefer)

Payroll Service

From $120 per month

Administering yourwages is time consuming and complex. Let us lift this burden from you by providing a payrollservice that includes:

  • Processing your weekly, fortnightly or monthly payrolls
  • Administration ofPAYE, KiwiSaver, sick pay, annual leave etc
  • Filing monthly schedules with IRD
  • Administration of incentive schemes, bonuses and termination payments

Outsourcing Client Service Plans

Why Use Us

We Can:

  • Offer flexibility by providing only those services you require
  • Remove risks associated with employing staff directly
  • Help future-proof your business
  • Assist you to fulfil compliance requirements
  • Deliver excellent quality and reassurance
  • Work collaboratively together to ensure timely information is produced
  • Assist you to uncover potential issues sooner rather than later
  • Gather an in-depth knowledge of your operations which will enable us to easily assist you in other matters as required
  • Work strategically with management
  • Ensure segregation of duties and continuity of service

Services We Can Provide:

  • Preparation or review of GST returns
  • Prepare Monthly financial reports for management/committee meetings
  • Compile a customised dashboard report on your chosen Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Collection of mail
  • Data entry into appropriate accounting package
  • Payment of invoices
  • Issue and collection of debtors
  • Payroll service
  • Grant application information
  • Attendance at Board meetings
  • Be second authoriser of bank payments/ transactions
  • Work from your premises if required

Year End Services

  • Annual Financial Statements in compliance with relevant standards
  • Budget preparation and finalisation
  • Income Tax Returns (If required)
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Preparation of work papers and documentation for auditor/reviewer to support balances within financial statements.
  • Provide phone and email support

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