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Rural Accounting Client Service Plans

Grassroots Advisor

From $250 per month
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Regular Newsletter
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Inland Revenue and Tax Management
  • Tax Payment reminders
  • GST Training
  • Accounting Package Training
  • Explained Tax Regime and how this affects you
  • Farm Business Structuring Review

Full Paddock Advisor

From $500 per month
All "Grassroots Advisor" services plus:
  • Cash Manager Rural
  • Banklink Accounting
  • Annual Tax Plan
  • Annual Budget and Cashflow Preparation
  • Bi-Monthly Management Report
  • Half-yearly Catch Up Meeting on Skype
  • Dairy Base Support and Reports
  • Annual Business Review

Boots & All Advisor

From $750 per month
All "Full Paddock Advisor" services plus:
  • Quarterly Catch Up Meeting on Skype
  • Annual Meeting with Bank Manager/Farm
  • Consultant
  • Annual Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Benchmarking

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